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SightRight - Leading the way with our Accredited Snooker Coaching programme

The SightRight Snooker Coaching Programme is the only known snooker coaching programme with proven and patented methods in perfect sighting and alignment, which sets it apart from other snooker coaching programmes.

Over the past 15 years Stephen Feeney has established himself as the World’s leading specialist Snooker Coach. He has worked with the legends of the game and many of the worlds top snooker stars are now using his patented SightRight® Routines in their game.

2 day Accreditation course with Stephen, Jason and Jimmy (UK), or Cliff (USA / Can)

  • · Be trained in all aspects of Stephen’s patented Eye Dominance, Sighting and Alignment tests and SightRight
      Coaching methods
  • · Be Licensed in the use of the only known, and proven, patented Snooker Coaching methods
  • · SightRight patented Training Aids and all materials to launch yourself as a licensed coach are included
  • · Insight and support on how to build your profile as a SightRight Coach from Jason, a leading snooker promoter
  • · Future opportunities to become Regional, Academy or National SightRight Coaches
  • · Automatic acceptance for World Snooker accredited Coaches
  • · Non World Snooker coaches will need to provide evidence of coaching experience and DBS checks
      will be required.

A separate Licensing Programme will be available soon for any interested Snooker Academy or Governing Bodies or Coaches therein

  • · You will receive on-going support from our SightRight Team
  • · Telephone Coaching & Technical support will be available from Stephen while you are out in the field
  • · Ongoing marketing support and assistance in setting up initial Coaching Clinics
  • · Follow up Seminar with Stephen and Jason
  • · Our Website will promote your profile and show any player in the world how to contact you or their
      nearest licensed SightRight Coach.
  • · Coaching referrals will be directed to our nearest Licensed Coach
  • · We will actively pursue legally any non licensed coach using SightRight Methods for your protection
      and exclusivity.
  • · You will have freedom to set your coaching fees – no commission is deducted from what you earn


We are currently working on a Licensing Programme for Snooker Academies and / or non World Snooker Governing bodies

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